MedLite C6

This is the MedLite C6 we use in the clinic. It is PhotoAcoustic technology with high peak power and short pulse duration. The Q-Switch has a high-speed shutter which stores energy between pulses thus enabling it to produce peak power output of 200 megawatts in 5-20 nanosecond pulse widths.

The MedLite C6 can effectively resurface the skin through collagen stimulation. This has no down time or discomfort. Having the two wave lengths 1064nm and 532nm these are great for targeting tattoo removal or tattoo lightening.

This machine is great for the treatment of non-ablative skin resurfacing, tattoo removal & skin pigmentation.

Cryo 6

The Cryo 6 blows -30°C cold air onto the skin, which is used to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser treatments such as tattoo removal.

The Cryo 6 can cool the epidermis before, during and after laser energy has been applied without interfering with the laser beam.


The Elite+™ aesthetic workstation is a high-powered, dual-wavelength system that delivers energy faster for faster results. Its wavelengths are the gold standard for hair removal, facial and leg veins, epidermal pigmented lesions, and wrinkle reduction on all skin types.