Here at Luna Laser we will always go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive the best laser treatments in our relaxing boutique studio located in Hamilton right next to the Brisbane river. Please view from our Instagram feed below to see latest treatments and snapchats of our shop.

1 session after 2 days

In progress, almost there.

After 2 sessions

5 sessions

1 session after 2 weeks

Progress after 10 sessions

Progress after 5 sessions

Progress after 1 session

After just 2 sessions this tattoo was ready for the cover up on the left.

Arm sunspot after 2 treatments

Hand agespot after 2 treatments

Skin rejuvenation. No downtime & you can see the crows feet fading

This is after one treatment. The sunspots are gone from the back of the hand. I used a flash so you can see how clear the skin is now

Here is some more frosting. Which is a chemical reaction when the heat of the laser hits the tattoo ink. It gets its name because it looks like frosting on a cake

Frosting is more evident in the first couple of sessions.